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Scott Buda

  • Chief Pharmacist/Store Owner
  • Chief Pharmacist/Owner Scott Buda has over 35 years of retail pharmacy experience. He graduated from St. John’s University School of Pharmacy in 1990.

Born and raised on Long Island’s South Shore, Scott is married with three children. His goal has always been to treat his customers like members of his own family, and he and his staff strive to do that each and every day.

Scott Buda

Chief Pharmacist/Store Owner

Naz Nazarian

Staff Pharmacist. With Healthmart Freeport since graduating pharmacy school, 20+ years.

Debbie Ruiz

Pharmacy Technician. Long time employee, over 15 years. Fluent in Spanish.

Ingrid Rosales

Pharmacy Technician, almost 10 years. Fluent in Spanish.

Justin Edwards

Store Manager, 15+ years

Debbie Feldman

Office Manager, 10+ years

Andry Urena

Front End Clerk, recently hired 1+ years, fluent in Spanish.

Lesslie Gonzalez

Pharmacy Technician - 10+ years, fluent in Spanish.

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